5001622 LEGO Store Employee Minifigure Updates

Jere has sent in this picture which shows that the FREE Exclusive LEGO Shop Minifigure (5001622 Store Employee Minifigure) is being given out to celebrate LEGO’s mobile site launch.


As mentioned earlier, this promotion is only for USA customers. Canadian and European orders did not receive this minifigure. Also, it appears that there is a certain threshold that you have to meet before getting this minifigure. Staff atmail35 reported that she did not get the minfigure when she placed an order under $25 USD. Though, you should receive it if you place an order of $99 or more. There is no threshold required to receive the minifigure. The minifigure will not show up in your shopping bag, but will up in your shipping package.

With double VIP points, free holiday set w/$99 and free store employee minifigure, its not a bad time to get something from the LEGO Shop (especially their “hard to find” and “exclusives” considering they can’t be discounted anymore). Plus, if you order LEGO Star Wars, you’ll also get a free LEGO Clone Trooper Lieutenant Minifigure. As always, remember free shipping on orders above $75 as well!