All NEW LEGO City Sets Available now at ToysRUs UK

All New LEGO City Summer Sets are now and only available in all ToysRUs stores in the uK (United Kingdom). They can also be ordered online now at ToysRUs.  These are probably early releases by ToysRUs and is not even available on legoshop website. Personally, i find the 7641 city corner pretty appealling and well done.

These sets will most likely be officially released this summer !

*All prices are in British Pounds from ToysRUs uK.

7638 Tow Truck($8.99)  7639 Camper($14.99)  8402 Sports Car($6.99)

7638 City Tow Truck ( City Camper ( City Sports Car (

7641 City Corner ($44.99)    7686 Helicopter Transporter ($29.99)

7641 City Corner ( City Helicopter Transporter (

7642 Garage ($64.99)                                                           

7642 City Garage (

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