[AU] ToysRUs 2011 Summer Biggest Toy Sale

Toys R Us Australia 2011 Summer LEGO Sale has been revealed! Sale runs from June 29 to July 12. The best discount at Toys R Us is the 50% off World Racers Blizzard’s Peak for $49.99 (reg.$99.99) and World Racers Jagged Jaws Reef for $17.49 (reg.$34.99).

  • 28% off – Games Creationary $35.99 (reg.$49.99) – better price at Kmart
  • 28% off – Games Harry Potter Hogwarts $35.99 (reg.$49.99)
  • 20% off ALL LEGO Cars 2
  • Better deal at Big W for the LEGO Star Wars Nightspeeder set
  • ToysRUs will also have the following LEGO deals