Box of 60 Series 6 Minifigures Reduced Again!

March 27 Update: Price has went back up to €109 now.

March 26 Update: Amazon is now out of stock, but they are still accepting orders at the €89 price. (thanks SpaceViking)

If you hold off and didn’t buy it yesterday, Amazon France has once again reduced their complete boxes of 60 LEGO Series 6 Minifigures. They are now available for €89 (down from €98,9 from yesterday). Thanks to forum member Edmond Dantes for the heads up.

Very good deal even for those living outside of Europe! After factoring shipping, 16.4% tax discount, and currency conversions, each minifigure works out to be only ~$1.8 each in the US (reg.$2.99 US / $3.49 CA). Thats 40% off US retail or 49% off for Canada!

Translation Support: If you have trouble understanding French, you can read our brief translation guide on how to checkout at Amazon France. You can also use Google Translate or the built in translator on your browser (i.e Google Chrome) to help you navigate through the Amazon France site.

New Price for each Box

  • USA/Canada: €74,42 + €7,68 = €82,1
  • Outside of Europe: €74,42 + €23,63 = €98,05
  • Europe: Base price (~1-2%) and shipping may vary depending on your country
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