Canada’s Fan Expo 2012 – Free LEGO to be given away!

Forum member unclephn reports from yesterday that the Fan Expo 2012 in Toronto was giving away the free limited edition 5000062 Shirtless Darth Maul minifigure. He reports that there were cases after cases of them and they were giving them away like there’s no tommorow.

There was also a LEGO Booth, a raffle where you can win a free 10188 Death Star and more! The expo runs until this sunday and here’s what theme items they will be giving away. So even if you missed the Star Wars, its not a bad idea to drop by given how much Darth Mauls they were giving away!

  • Thursday: Star Wars
  • Friday (today): Superheroes
  • Saturday: Lord of the Rings
  • Sunday: Monster Fighters