City LEGO 2014 Set Pictures (60061 60060 60059 60058 60057 60056 60054 60053 60047 60046 60045 60044 60043 60042 60041)

The 2014 LEGO City set pictures (January wave) have arrived. As a relatively new online retailer, has leaked out all these LEGO City images earlier this weekend. It could have been an accident as the site was upgraded not too long ago so these pictures could be taken down anytime. For this wave, 15 sets will be released and includes a good mix of varieties. There will be sets based on Fire, Police, Trucks and other types of Cars and Vans. Thanks to everyone that contacted us with the news.

Now that you’ve seen the sets, what do you think of them? Did LEGO made improvements on previously made sets or are they just different versions of the same sets (i.e Police Station)?

#60061 LEGO Airport Fire Truck

LEGO City 60061 Airport Fire Truck - Toysnbricks

#60060 LEGO Auto Transporter

LEGO City 60060 Auto Transporter - Toysnbricks

#60059 LEGO Logging Truck

LEGO City 60059 Logging Truck - Toysnbricks

#60058 LEGO SUV with Watercraft

LEGO City 60058 SUV with Watercraft - Toysnbricks

#60057 LEGO Camper Van

LEGO City 60057 Camper Van - Toysnbricks

#60056 LEGO Tow Truck

LEGO City 60056 Tow Truck - Toysnbricks

#60054 LEGO Light Repair Truck

LEGO City 60054 Light Repair Truck - Toysnbricks

#60053 LEGO Race Car

LEGO City 60053 Race Car - Toysnbricks

#60047 LEGO Police Station

LEGO City 60047 Police Station - Toysnbricks

#60046 LEGO Helicopter Surveillance

LEGO City 60046 Helicopter Surveillance - Toysnbricks

#60045 LEGO Police Patrol

LEGO City 60045 Police Patrol - Toysnbricks

#60044 LEGO Mobile Police Unit

LEGO City 60044 Mobile Police Unit - Toysnbricks

#60043 LEGO Prisoner Transporter

LEGO City 60043 Prisoner Transporter - Toysnbricks

#60042 LEGO High Speed Police Chase

LEGO City 60042 High Speed Police Chase - Toysnbricks

#60041 LEGO Crook Pursuit

LEGO City 60041 Crook Pursuit - Toysnbricks