Facebook Messenger Launches New Features for The LEGO Batman Movie

Facebook Messenger will be launching various new LEGO Batman Movie elements to their Facebook Messenger App. These include new LEGO Batman Movie stickers with cool animations. In addition, they will also have a new LEGO Batman Movie Game in their Messenger App as well! See below for more details:

Facebook Messenger App – The LEGO Batman Movie

With the premiere of the LEGO Batman movie just a few days away, we want to make sure you are aware of some fun new features on Facebook Messenger for any LEGO Batman fan.

Here are some of the fun ways Batman could use Messenger to help him get more connected to others ahead of the launch of The LEGO Batman movie!

New stickers:
• Batman ‘approved’ Sticker Pack: Starting today, new stickers will be available that include Batman, Robin, Bat Girl and more. To add stickers to your conversations: open up the Messenger app, start a conversation and tap the smiley face icon on the bar at the bottom.

New game:
•Bat Climb Game: Warner Brothers Pictures is also launching the Bat Climb game, which is available exclusively on Messenger and on Facebook News Feed
•You can pick a character to play – Robin, Bat Girl or the legendary Batman – to climb a skyscraper while avoiding traps, The Joker and other obstacles. And for an extra boost, give one of your friends a high five in mid-air!
•You can start playing right now in Messenger – just look for the game controller icon next to where you would type a note to a friend and get started. You can also find it by searching for it in Messenger’s or Facebook’s search fields.
•Since our November launch of Instant Games, we’re now at 35 titles with today’s release of Bat Climb (from the original of 17.) The game is rolling out to everyone now.