Future Toysnbricks Contest Prize: 2009 LEGO Star Wars 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack

The 2009 LEGO Star Wars 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack set was released back in 2009. It contains 4 minifigures including Clone Commander, Clone Gunner and two Clone Troopers minifigures. There is also a Clone Walker included. Contains 72 pieces.

For a set that’s over 10 years old, it is currently worth about $50 USD (~$70 CAD) plus shipping for a brand-new copy.

At Toys N Bricks, we are currently planning a LEGO Star Wars Building Contest! Expected launch of the contest is July 2020. One of the prizes include the decade old brand-new copy of 8014 LEGO Star Wars Clone Walker Battle Pack. If you have suggestions or feedback on what LEGO Star Wars Contest we should run, let us know in the forums at Toysnbricksforum.com.

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