LEGO 71012 Disney Collectable Minifigures Box Distribution

LEGO 71012 Disney Collectable Series Minifigures Full Box (pre)

It appears that the new LEGO 71012 Disney Collectable LEGO Series Minifigures are now popping up at various locations throughout Asia. Karleo from LegendBricks LEGO managed to get a box and has posted images of this new series. Each box of 60 contains three full sets.The minifigures will be officially released beginning May 2016.

Below, you can see which minifigures will be more common compared to other ones. This wave, it looks like they will only be either in fours or threes. No fives! Thanks to Nick for writing in with the news.

71012 Disney Collectable LEGO Series Minifigures (pre)

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