LEGO 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Product Description

In addition to the 2016 new LEGO Star Wars product descriptions from yesterday, Toys R Us Canada has the new LEGO Ghostbusters set listed as well. LEGO 75827 Firehouse Headquarters is priced at $399.99 CAD. US pricing will be $349.99 USD. Nine LEGO minifigures will also be included!

The set contains 4600 pieces and will be released on January 1st, 2016. Thanks to John for writing in.

LEGO Firehouse Headquarters Ghostbusters Product Description

Recreate iconic Ghostbusters scenes with the 2-story Firehouse Headquarters, featuring laboratory, living quarters, containment unit and much more. Capture the ghosts with the proton packs and restore order, or solve other supernatural cases!

  • Includes 9 minifigures: Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, Janine Melnitz, Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, Zombie Driver and Library Ghost. Also comes with Slimer, Pink Ghost and Blue Ghost.
  • Slide the Ghostbusters heroes down the fire pole into action. Chase the ghosts and secure them in the containment unit.
  • Turn the librarian old lady into a scary ghost with the double-sided face and extra wig!
  • Run tests on Louis in the lab to see if he’s possessed!
  • Suspend ghosts around the building’s exterior with attachable transparent arms.
  • Dodge the slime oozing up through cracks in the pavement.
  • Measures over 14″ (36cm) high, 9″ (25cm) wide and 14″ (38cm) deep.

Shown below is the LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters creation that reached 10 000 supporters (last year in August 2014).

Ghostbusters HQ Creation August 2014 - Potential LEGO Ideas Set