LEGO Bard of the Bowman Minifigure & Smaug at SDCC 2014

TheHollyWoodReporter has spilled more info in regards to this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Another limited edition minifigure will be the Hobbit Bard of the Bowman. This year, attendees will be required to scan their badge in order to win this lottery style minifigure giveaway.

There’s also going to be a human size figure of the gold hoarding dragon Smaug. This is from the J.R.R. Tolkien book and will stand 6ft tall. Its made out of  over 83 000 pieces and took the builder over 600 hours to design and build it. Weighs 411 pounds.

LEGO Bard of the Bowman Minifigure (right)

LEGO Hobbit Bard of the Bowman Minifigure Giveaway SDCC 2014

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