LEGO City Glider 4442 Set

Update: Members are reporting in our forums that international flights like Ethiopia to Netherlands received an offer to purchase this airline set as well. Therefore, this is not UK exclusive. However, if you want to buy the set without any air travels, the only store that is selling them at the moment is Virgin Atlantic (which ships to UK only). Apologies for any confusion caused.

For folks living in the United Kingdom, you can now order this year’s airline exclusive LEGO City 4442 Glider set. Its available right now at Virgin Atlantic for a reasonable price of £15 + shipping. Unfortunately, they will not ship outside of Britain. (via Brickset)

LEGO Glider 4442 Description     

  • Unhitch the trailer, offload the glider and attach the wings, then climb in and get ready to fly into the sky!
  • Includes 2 minifigures, car, trailer and glider