LEGO Collectable Coins Available at LEGO VIP Rewards Centre Again – January 2022

The LEGO Collectable Coins were previously offered through January to May 2021. Each month, there was one new LEGO coin to collect. If you missed out, you are in luck as the LEGO VIP Rewards Center (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) is once again offering the limited edition LEGO Collectable Logo Coins! Each LEGO collectable coin cost 1150 points while the LEGO Collectable Coin Display Case cost 700 points. Log in to your LEGO VIP rewards account to see the coins.

Once you redeem the item, you’ll get a promo coupon code that is redeemable on your next purchase at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia). Code is valid for 60 days only.

LEGO Collectable Coins at LEGO VIP Rewards Centre

  • LEGO Castle Logo Collectable Coin
  • LEGO Pirates Logo Collectable Coin
  • LEGO Octan Logo Collectable Coin
  • LEGO Space Logo Collectable Coin
  • LEGO VIP Gold Collectable Coin

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