LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia – June 2012

Barnes & Nobles has revealed some new upcoming LEGO Books for Summer 2012 including a LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia. Price is $18.99 but if you pre-order now, you can get it for $12.81. Total of 144 pages. I wonder what the new exclusive minifigure will be!

LEGO Book Description

Expecto patronum!

Meet the magical minifigures of the LEGO® Harry Potter™ world in DK’s latest addition to our new series, LEGO® Harry Potter™: The Characters of the Magical World!

From the multiple variations of Harry and Ron to the unique characteristics of Snape and Voldemort, readers can learn about each minifigure and the magical sets they star in while learning fun and interesting LEGO Harry Potter facts! In-depth profiles alongside dynamic photography will help you to increase your LEGO Harry Potter knowledge and perhaps encourage young readers to conjure up a few spells of their own! Includes an EXCLUSIVE minifigure!