LEGO Heroica Storage Mat – Now Available at

Rememeber the LEGO Heroica Storage Box we posted 2 days ago? Well, it appears that Toys R Us calls it LEGO Heroica Storage Mat.  Its currently available at for $34.99 and because its “Limited Edition”, its probably their exclusive. Item number is 769057, though, thats probably the number next to the barcode. Thanks to forum member pumbaugh for the news.

LEGO Heroica 853358 Storage Mat Description

LEGO HEROICA Storage Mat. Store and play your LEGO HEROICA world in collectible style! HEROICA is a new series of exciting adventure games that can be played separately or combined into an even greater game experience! Every HEROICA game is a unique adventure to build and explore, with new heroes, monsters and treasure. It’s time to explore the world of HEROICA! Store, play and connect your expandable world of adventure with the HEROICA Storage Mat. Take your HEROICA world to the next level with a storage box for all of your HEROICA game pieces, new exclusive elements that you won’t find anywhere else and a collectible play mat to connect all of your HEROICA games into one epic adventure. Use the HEROICA map graphic to place the battles of Draida, Waldurk, Nathuz, Fortaan, Elsbuck, Seldaan and Barresh. Store the play mat and all of your HEROICA elements inside the collectible case! Includes exclusive elements. Includes 17 elements, play mat and collectible storage case with vinyl snap locks and handle. Features compartments for organizing all of your LEGO HEROICA game pieces. Collect new exclusive elements that you won’t find anywhere else! The ultimate LEGO HEROICA collector’s item.