LEGO Ideas Project Creation Earth Globe Achieves 10 000 Supporters

Update: Creation has now achieved 10 000 supporters.

The latest LEGO Ideas project creation to approach 10 000 supporters is LEGO Earth Globe by Disneybrick55. Congrats! It currently has 9944 supporters. Once 10 000 supporters are reached, it would be headed to the LEGO Reviews stage where it would be evaluated to potentially become the next official LEGO Ideas set.

LEGO Ideas Earth Globe Project Creation Description

Hi, discover our world with the lego Earth Globe. inspired by old Earth Globe, I tried to recreate something decorative and educative. So as you can see I added the name of Oceans and Continents.
I think this project can be usefull for educated people about preserving the planet.

The global project measured 36cm of width, 32cm of lenght and 39cm of high for 2060 parts.

Rebuilt the world !

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