LEGO Ideas Project Creation The Mountain Windmill Achieves 10 000 Supporters

The latest LEGO Ideas Project Creation to achieve 10 000 supporters is The Mountain Windmill by Hanwasyellowfirst. Congrats! Your project creation would now be headed to the LEGO Reviews stage where it would be evaluated to potentially become the next official LEGO Ideas product.

LEGO Ideas Project Creation The Mountain Windmill Description

High in the Boratis Mountains, built between the two tallest peaks, stands the windmill. How the windmill came to be there, its purpose, and who inhabited it (if anyone) were all unknown – or long forgotten.

One day, far below in the Valley of Gales, a young villager happens upon a lost map which reveals a hidden path up the mountain. He sets out with one goal… to unravel the mystery of the windmill on the mountains…

Hey All!

Here is my new LEGO Ideas project: The Mountain Windmill.

This is an original idea I have been working on, I hope you like it!

The build uses 2031 pieces and comes with 2 minifigures; The Miller and the Village Boy.

Play features:

  • Spin the windmill using the lever
  • Rotate the windmill towards the wind using the sail
  • Discover what treasures the mysterious miller has been hiding in the secret cave
  • See where the miller maps the world from high atop the mountains
  • Gaze at the stars from the observation deck
  • See where the miller unwinds by painting The Valley of Gales
  • And much more!

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