LEGO Master Builder Academy – Preorders Starts May 1st

Back in November, it was revealed as the 2011 replacement for the current LEGO Brickmaster Magazine. Now, we finally have some more news for LEGO Master Builder Academy. Forum member pumbaugh reports receiving an email with details that preorders starts May 1st and LEGO MBA will start June 1st. At this point in time, only USA will be able to preorder LEGO MBA. Be sure to use club code LEGOMBA to get updates on LEGO Master Building Academy!

The first year of the LEGO MBA program features two skill levels – green Level 1 and yellow Level 2 – with more to come later on. You’ll master each level through exclusive LEGO MBA building kits and technique-filled Design Handbooks, three per level, each including pieces and instructions dedicated to a famous theme like space, robots, cars and more. More Details.

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