LEGO Ninjago 2013 Sets (70505 70504 70503 70502 70501 70500)

Flickr User hinckley39 has uploaded tons of City, Ninjago and Hero Factory 2013 sets. I believe the original source is from the Swiss Toy Shop Thali that Brickset reported (but the site is now down at the moment probably due to overload).

This appears to be the final LEGO Ninjago wave with “The Final Battle”. Six sets will be released and features quite a few golden Ninjas and dragons.

LEGO 70505 Ninjago Set

LEGO 70504 Ninjago Set

LEGO 70503 Ninjago Set

LEGO 70502 Ninjago Set

LEGO 70501 Ninjago Set

LEGO 70500 Ninjago Set