LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean High Resolution Pictures Now Here

Update: Pictures have now been added in our forums. You can check them out here.

MTV has a video trailer along with high resolution pictures for the upcoming LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets! (via Don’t forget that currently has these sets for pre-order and 10% off the retail price as well! Thanks to forum member r4-g9 for the news.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Sets

  • LEGO 4195 Queen Anne’s Revenge
  • LEGO 4194 Whitecap Bay
  • LEGO 4193 The London Escape
  • LEGO 4192 Fountain of Youth
  • LEGO 4191 The Captain’s Cabin
  • LEGO 4183 The Mill
  • LEGO 4182 The Cannibal Escape
  • LEGO 4181 Isla De la Muerta

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