LEGO Series 6 Minifigures Box Distribution (8827)

The Brothers Brick has posted the minifigure distribution for the new LEGO Series 6 Minifigures. Good news is that there will be 3 complete sets in a box. Also, for those that like to build armies, there’s five Minotaur and Highland Battler in a box!

LEGO Series 6 Minifigures Distribution (8827)

  • 5x Bandit
  • 5x Highlander
  • 5x Minotaur
  • 4x Alien
  • 4x Flamenco Dancer
  • 4x Leprechaun
  • 4x Skateboarder
  • 4x Space Girl
  • 4x Mechanic
  • 3x Butcher
  • 3x Genie
  • 3x Roman
  • 3x Surgeon
  • 3x Robot
  • 3x Statue of Liberty
  • 3x Robot
  • 3x Pajama Boy
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