LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Pack 3 in 1 (66545 66544)

If you prefer to purchase all of the LEGO Micro Mighty Packs in one, Sam’s Club USA stores have them instock. You can buy 3 Mighty Packs in 1. Price is $24.99 each which would result $5 in savings compared to purchasing them individually (reg.$9.99 each). Thanks to forum member shaevitj for the news.

66545 DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Pack (3 in 1)
-76061 Mighty Micros Batman vs Catwoman
-76062 Mighty Micros Robin vs Bane
-76063 Mighty Micros The Flash vs Captain Cold

66544 Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Pack (3 in 1)
-76066 Mighty Micros Hulk vs Ultron
-76065 Mighty Micros Captain America vs Red Skull
-76064 Mighty Micros Spider-Man vs Green Goblin