More Wal-Mart Canada In-Store LEGO Clearances March 2018

In addition to the LEGO clearances that we reported three days ago, there are many more LEGO sets discounted at Wal-Mart Canada stores. Some of them may not be marked so we recommend that you go to a price scanner to scan the sets. For example, LEGO Ninjago Fire Mech and LEGO Mighty Micros Wolverine vs Magneto had no clearance stickers, but scanned at a lower clearance price.

We also recommend visiting a suburb or a more remote Wal-Mart store as they tend to have a better selection of LEGO clearance items. If you find a great LEGO sale or clearance, please let us know!

-43% off – LEGO City 31055 Red Racer $4 (reg.$6.99)
-38% off – LEGO City 60135 ATV Arrest $5 (reg.$7.99)
-33% off – LEGO Ninjago 70615 Fire Mech $60 (reg.$89.86)
-33% off – LEGO Nexo Knights 70355 Aaron’s Rock Climber $50 (reg.$74.99)
-32% off – LEGO Star Wars 75186 The Arrowhead $75 (reg.$109.99)
-31% off – LEGO Super Heroes 76073 Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. Magneto $9 (reg.$12.99)
-25% off – LEGO Ninjago Vermillion Invader $30 (reg.$39.99)
-23% off – LEGO BrickHeadz 41594 Captain Armando Salazar, 41591 Black Widow, 41586 Batgirl, 41587 Robin $10 each (reg.$12.99)

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