The 2014 Brickfête LEGO Fan Festival (Toronto, Canada)

The 2014 Toronto Brickfête LEGO Fan Festival is coming this summer again! Check below for more details. Thanks to Michael for writing in.

Does your child love LEGO?

Join us… Brickfête – Toronto 2014
A LEGO Fan Festival for the whole family.

Delta Toronto East

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This is a family fun event!
Ticket info here –

Saturday and Sunday
July 19 and July 20
10 AM to 3 PM

Friday July 18th
Exclusive Tours 4 PM to 6PM (30 tickets only)
& VIP Access 6 PM to 8PM (100 tickets only)

What will we see at the event?

Amazing, jaw dropping, outstanding LEGO creations built by hobbyist.
These unique and detailed builds include…

– LEGO Robots & Mindstorms Creations
– City Layouts with powered Trains
– Space, Star Wars & Scifi Creations
– Art, Architecture & Design
– Planes, Trains & Automobiles
– Historical Buildings and Castles
– Pirates, Steampunk and Vikings
– Mosaics & Sculptures and more…

All made with millions of LEGO bricks…
by hobbyists from across Canada,
and parts of USA, Europe and Australia.

What can we do at the event?

– Enjoy the amazing exhibit at your own pace.
– You and/or your child can build in the “Look What I MADE” area.
– Visit our vendors for unique LEGO or LEGO related purchase,
including custom pieces, minifigures, old and new sets.
– Speak with the builders of these wonderful creations, many of them
will be onsite to answer your questions.
– Learn about the fun hobby of collecting, creating, discovering and
building with LEGO.