Toys N Bricks 10 Year Anniversary (2009-2019)

Toys N Bricks recently turned 10 years old. Some dates may be a bit off, but here is our history of the work that we do as a hobby!

Timeline of Toys N Bricks

Site Growth

  • April 2009: Toys N Bricks was founded
  • May 2009: Set Indexes were created briefly. However, they were shut down shortly afterwards as they weren’t too popular and took too much time to create and maintain
  • December 2009 – Toys N Bricks Facebook Group and Twitter Fan Page Launched
  • August 2009 – Forums officially launched (created in May 2009)
  • March 2010 – Flickr Group Launched
  • April 2010 – Newsletter Launched
  • August 2012 – Amazon USA Price Tracker Project launched providing current prices and previous prices

*2010-2012: Various other initiatives were launched including “Toys and Bricks” and “Sales N Bricks”. Toys and Bricks was formed to offer different LEGO news coverage from Toys N Bricks. Sales N Bricks was formed in hopes to make it a dedicated LEGO Sales site while Toys N Bricks would focus on LEGO News. Both “Toys and Bricks” and “Sales N Bricks” were eventually scraped with everything going back to Toys N Bricks.

Site Decline

  • January 2016 – Work on the site begins to decline, news updates decline, categories on the news portal and forums are merged
  • November 2016 – Amazon USA Price Tracker Project Shut Down
  • November 2017 – Toys N Bricks left the LEGO Ambassador Network
  • 2017-2018 – Further decline in news updates and activity and more social exclusion and consideration of closure of site

There were weeks and months where we abandoned the site due to commitments and issues we were facing since 2016. There were times when we considered closing Toys N Bricks. Fortunately, we finally decided to keep the site. Though, due to the inactivity that occurred in the last few years, traffic is not as high as before. The forum was pretty much dead starting in 2017.

Many readers, visitors and people have left and we don’t blame them judging the decline in service. Rest assured though that there will be consistent updates moving forward. We will be focusing work primarily on the blog as that is the core of the site. The forum is dead as previously mentioned, but it will still continue to be accessible.

Support Us

We thank the very few of you that continue to visit and support the work that we do here as a hobby. The greatest support and compliment that you can provide is to let your LEGO friends and other people know about Toys N Bricks. Whether this is sharing our site online, through social media, through your LEGO User Group or word of mouth in person, it all helps. Make sure to follow us on social media as well as we are on several platforms.

You can also support us financially by using our affiliate links before making your purchase. You can find retailers that we have relationships with on the sidebar to the right under “LEGO Shopping Quicklinks”. It doesn’t cost you anything and is anonymous. The small fee that we get will help us pay for hosting fees, technical fees and other fees that may come up as well as for us to offer LEGO giveaways and building contests from time to time.

Thank you for reading and we appreciate all of your support and contributions. Happy 10th anniversary Toys N Bricks. (:

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