Sun Newspaper LEGO Offer 2012 October

Forum member fanjo informs us that The Sun Newspaper will once again be offering free LEGO toys again when you buy their newspapers from October 6-13! 8 days for 8 different LEGO polybag sets! All you need to do is redeem your token at a participating retailer. In the past, these retailers are usually Toys R Us or Tesco.

Offer is valid only in the countries of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland). The Republic of Ireland may receive this offer as well.

The Sun Newspaper LEGO Toys for 2012

  • 30211 Uruk-hai with Ballista
  • 30201 Ghost Polybag
  • 30008 Snowman
  • 30151 Mining Dozer
  • 30190 Ferrari 150 Italia
  • 30009 Christmas Tree
  • 30132 Captain Jack Sparrow
  • 30100 Andrea at the Beach