[US] Kmart Stores LEGO Clearance Over 55% off

Forum member zaskar reports that Kmart stores currently have a bunch of LEGO on clearance for over 55% off! Below are some of the reported sightings that our members have been finding. Prices may vary depending on your store. For more details and to see additional sets that our members have been finding on clearance, please visit our Sales & Deals Forum.

  • Atlantis Deep Sea Striker $8.5 (reg.$19.99)
  • City Corner $21 (reg.$49.99)
  • Hero Factory Furno Bike $11.00 (reg.$29.99)
  • Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue $18.50 (reg.$49.99)
  • Harry Potter Hogwarts Express $30 (reg.$79.99)
  • Star Wars General Grievous’ Starfighter $21 (reg.$49.99)
  • Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave $15-$17 (reg.$39.99)
  • Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack $5 (reg.$11.99)
  • Star Wars Hoth Rebel Trooper Battle Pack $5 (reg.$11.99)
  • World Racers Wreckage Road $11-$13.5 (reg.$29.99)
  • World Racers Jagged Jaws Reef $9 (reg.$19.99)