[USA] Target August 2013 LEGO Clearance

Two of the new LEGO Lord of the Rings sets are now on clearance for 30% off at Target stores in America. 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush is available for $69.98 (reg.$99.99) while 79007 Black Gate is available for $41.98 (reg.$59.99).

Other reports include Lord of the Rings Helm’s Deep for $85 (reg.$129.99), The Hobbit Goblin King Battle for $65 (reg.$99.99), and Monster Fighters The Ghost Train for $54 (reg.$79.99). Savings for these sets work out to be about 35% off. Thanks to forum members prozac, Marcus70, bobl, Bystander and others for the heads up.

*Most people appear to have luck with finding Pirate Ship Ambush, Black Gate and Goblin King Battle at these clearance prices.

LEGO Lord of the Rings 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush - Toysnbricks