[USA] Target Offers FREE Gift Cards on Various Hard to Find Sets

For a limited time only, Target.com will be offering Gift Card deals for some of their online exclusives/hard to find sets. Looks like these special types of free gift/gift card promotions will be the key in discounting these sets after LEGO’s implementation on their “No Discounts/Sales policy” on Hard to Find sets. If you have the Target Red Card, you can save an additional 5% off and get free shipping as well. Thanks to forum member legobricks for the heads up.

  • FREE $50 Gift Card: LEGO Star Wars 10188 Death Star (reg.$399.99)
  • FREE $35 Gift Card: LEGO Mindstorms 31313 EV3 (reg.$349.99)
  • FREE $30 Gift Card: LEGO Monster Fighters 10228 Haunted House (reg.$179.99) – Best Deal!

LEGO Monster Fighters Haunted House 10228 - Toysnbricks