[USA] TRU Free Zombie Car w/$20 Monster Fighters Purchase

Bill informs us that starting this sunday, October 28, Toys R Us America will once again be offering a free Monster Fighters Zombie Coffin Car polybag set with $20 Monster Fighter purchase.

Got a tru catalog in the mail, looks like the 30200 Monster Fighters Zombie Coffin Car will be part of a promo starting next week 10/28-11/21, free 32000 (TRU #790037) with $20 purchase of Monster Fighters, also a lame Ninjago “accessory pack” I saw a bunch of yesterday (they wouldn’t bring out zombie cars for me, despite their inventory saying 8 were on the floor )-: I did find the Friends desk poly which has the same deal, as well as a hobbit notebook with games, with 5 games listed as 25% off… All the prices in the flyer are at or above msrp, with lots advertised as “save X$ with coupon” with normal msrp being the “sale” price.