2012 LEGO Friends (Girls Theme)

Update: Images are no longer available.

A new LEGO theme aimed at girls is coming! 2012 LEGO Friends pictures have just been revealed and it appears that there will be a total of 14 LEGO Friends sets. I gotta admit, Barbie and Polly Pocket toys are about to face some serious competition from LEGO. Thanks to forum member DadsAFOL for the heads up.

I don’t have the time to translate the set names yet, but from the pictures, it looks pretty cool for a LEGO toy aimed at girls. Besides LEGO Friends and LEGO Dino, there are also other 2012 LEGO set images revealed. For more details, please visit our LEGO Forum.

  • LEGO 3936
  • LEGO 3935
  • LEGO 3934
  • LEGo 3933
  • LEGO 3932
  • LEGO 3931
  • LEGO 3930
  • LEGO 3315
  • LEGO 3188
  • LEGO 3187
  • LEGO 3183
  • LEGO 3065
  • LEGO 3061
  • LEGO 3942