2014 LEGO Star Wars AT-AP Walker Set

The 2014 AT-AP LEGO Star Wars Walker set was unveiled this morning at the San Diego Comic Con. This new version will be priced at $69.99 US and contains 717 pieces. As for minifigures, there will be 5 including a new Commander Gree, a new Wookie and three droids (regular, commander, super). Available March 2014. (via Brothers Brick and Groove Bricks)

LEGO Star Wars AT-AP Walker 2014 SDCC

It wasn’t too long when they had the older version. For your information, the 2008 AT-AP Walker 7671 version one was priced at $39.99 US and had 392 pieces. Two minifigures (Red Shock Clone Trooper) were included. Aside from the price and the minifigures (and maybe some slight adjustments and details), are there any other notable differences?

LEGO Star Wars 7671 AT-AP Walker (2008 Version)LEGO Star Wars 7671 AT-AP Walker (www.toysnbricks.com)