81 Toys R Us Canada Stores Sold to Canadian Entrepreneur Putman

The Toys R Us USA chain went bankrupt and closed its stores in 2017. However, Toys R Us Canada was able to continue its operations. Fairfax Financial took over the Toys R Us Canada brand and its operations back then.

Fast forward several years later, entrepreneur Doug Putman has purchased Toys R Us Canada. Fairfax Financial will continue to have the majority of the retail estate the stores are in. They will also have a royalty of any cash flow that the future Toys R Us Canada business generates. You can read more at CBC.

There are currently 81 stores across Canada. Toys R Us Canada also have an e-commerce shopping website at Toysrus.ca as well. They have a good selection of LEGO toys and is probably the best store retailer in terms of selection (aside from LEGO Brand Retail Stores).

In other related news, Toys R Us USA will be making a comeback in 2022. They will be opening more than 400 stores within Macy’s USA.

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