Home Alone McCallister’s House Reaches 10 000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

The latest LEGO Ideas project creation to reach 10 000 supporters is Home Alone McCallister’s House by adwind. Congrats! Your project would now be headed to the LEGO Reviews stage where it would be evaluated to be the next potential official LEGO Ideas set. You can find out more as well as view more images on LEGO Ideas. Clockwork Aquarium! is the next LEGO Ideas project that is approaching 10 000 supporters.


Home Alone – is a 1990 Christmas movie… Come on, you guys all know what Home Alone is! Let’s talk about what this movie has become to thousands of us around the globe. To our family Home Alone is a Christmas tradition, symbol and a very warm memories of childhood! So in this project me and my wife Nadya tried to put as much love and details as we could!


This set consists of 3000 pieces. McCallister’s house has 2 floors full of furniture and stuff from the movie and of course it features a mansard. There is a small tree house outside with a rope that links it with a main structure to help Kevin escape.

Main roof and kitchen roof are removable and also the house itself is openable to let you recreate scenes and make your own stories!

Here you may see: the main hall, kitchen and dining area, brickbuilt stairs, mom and dad bedroom, Buzz room, 2 bathrooms, storeroom.

There are 3 minifigures: Kevin, Harry and Marv.

Some details:

– Buzz’s spider

– Buzz’s air gun

– Functional Buzz’s chest where you may place his GF’s photo :)
– Kevin’s toy cars
– Fridge with ice cream and cheese pizza

– Kevin’s Sleigh (to sled downstairs)

– Bronze man (with falling feature :))

– Rope and cans for traps

– Ornament under the window

Easter Egg

We’ve added a small easter egg on renders for you guys, have fun and let us know in the comments if you found it!

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