[USA] B&N LEGO Desert Skiff 26% off (Members Only)

Barnes & Nobles now has most of the LEGO Summer sets instock including Star Wars, Friends, Ninjago, Monster Fighters, City Mining, Creator and Hero Factory. All sets are coupon eligible with the exception of LEGO Friends. So far, they have reduced a few of the smaller LEGO Star Wars sets by 10% off their $1 markup price. This includes Desert Skiff, Saesee Tiin’s Starfighter and Republic-class Striker Starfighter.

At the moment, there aren’t really any good coupons except for the members only $5 off $20 Toy & Games. Use code W8X8Y4N to redeem this offer. Best item to use is on right now is the Desert Skiff as you can bring it down to $18.35 (reg.$24.99). Thanks to forum member tazzy, sidersdd and others for the heads up.

*Membership costs $25 each year and is not really worth it if you live outside of the United States. There’s pretty much no incentives in getting it as you don’t get any of the free shipping benefits even if you have membership.